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Wedding Registry - A Brief Background
Traditionally, guests gave the wedding couples gifts along the line of household items to help them start their new lives. These items were essential to the young couple as they were very young and did not own any of the necessary household items to begin their new lives together. And if you're Asian, cash gifts is customary.

In the modern day, couples are getting married later in their lives which means they already have all the things they need for a household - pots and pans, flatware, stemware, etc. As Hanh and I unite as a couple, we also unite as a household which means we will be consolidating many of your things and even getting rid of some unnecessary household items. As you can see, the last thing we really need is more "stuff."

We also see people registering for items only to return them for a refund or store credit and, in the end, the stores and the shipping companies are for the better. We'd rather not participate in this charade.

This is why we have chosen to take a slightly unorthodox approach.

Our Wedding Registry
At this time, we are registered at .

The gift option we'd like you to consider allows us to address very real needs. Instead of the plates, glasses, and gravy boats, directing those gifts toward the down payment of a house, our coming children's school tuition, and things like that are of higher priority.

Hanh and I sincerely thank you for your generosity.