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Wheels up SFO to Frankfurt

Thank God for in-flight movies

Going from one gate to the next For a little girl, she sure moves!

A beer break before our next flight to Cape Town

South Africa Airways is waaaay better than United!!

Our first night in Cape Town was at a hotel called Daddy Long Legs, which is a little boutique hotel that uniquely decorates each room. I read about them in a magazine and figured it be a fun stay for a night.

We arrived in the early AM so they put us into one room and would switch us to another room later.

"Do Not Disturb" Room - Little photos make up a mosaic of a face

A view of the smaller photos

"Phone Booth" - Our next room The braille on the wall is a Japanese song. Equipped with microphones for karaoke in the bedroom...

...as well as the shower. Note the not-private-at-all shower that H is in.

"Sunset," one of the other rooms

Finally at Kruger Airport (MQP)

Passing time teaching H Dominoes

Tukkie, one of the staff members

A more civilized lunch than what the airlines offered

A little bath in the Crocodile River

We weren't the only ones having lunch...

H always laughed at how the Japanese tourists were dressed... sometimes the irony is too precious

Where's my D90!?!?!!

On the way to Kruger...

Are we there yet?

Some prefer Beretta, others Benelli, I prefer Pentax

A heron on the Crocodile River

Plenty of Bush Chickens around

The only view of the leopard I got. H saw it full on. I think we were the only fortunate ones to see it.

+ Impala =

An impala carcass hanging from the tree left over from a leopard. Our guide explained they did that to avoid losing a fight with a hyena

The hunters

The prey

The lighter one is elephant and the darker one is rhino

Why am I reminded of Thundar the Barbarian?

Blocking an elephant's path is a bad idea

The best view of a zebra we had that day

A kudu giving a ride to a couple hitchhikers

We were told these are rather poisonous as well

We were told to not get between momma and baby

This guy stuck his head into our outside shower

Same guy